Difference between Plenum Riser and PVC Cat6 Cables

Difference between Plenum Riser and PVC Cat6 Cables

We all are living in a world that is surrounded by technology. And computers are the main part of our lifestyle. We often make use of computer systems for making certain calculations that are complex to perform. An organization cannot function until and unless they are not having a PC system available by their side. In an organization, all the computer systems are interlinked with one another. And this interlinking is known as networking.

For the better networking of all cables together, an Ethernet cable is utilized. You will find these cables to be available in different categories. Each one of the cables has been different from one another in terms of functionality and specifications.

Each Ethernet cable is having an outer casing. This casing helps protect the wiring which is inside the cable. You can also call this casing to be the jacket. This jacket is available in versatile designs for various applications. All of the jacket types are accepted from the National Electric Code (NEC). Right through this article, we will explain to you the major differences between Plenum, Riser, and PVC Cat cables.

Plenum Cable:
All such Ethernet cables which are having plenum jackets are rather installed in the empty place such as ceilings or walls of your buildings. You can use all such spaces for ventilation, heating, and air-conditioning. In addition, all these places are not having a temperature set-up so probably there are chances that you will catch fire upon high heating.

Cat6 plenum cable spaces inside the buildings are generally used for networking cables which can be dangerous somehow. All because of the higher temperature, all such places can easily catch the fire due to the fresh air flow in between them.

We never recommend you to go for the high voltage types of equipment in such places. This is because a little spark can bring the condition of catastrophe. In the USA, all the plenum-rated jackets are eventually tested through National Fire Protection Association standard 90A. These all plenum-rated jackets in Cat6 plenum cable are made out of the high fire-resistant material which will produce lesser smoke at the time of fire production.

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Riser Cable:
Next on our list, we will be talking about the Cat6 Riser Cable which is completely different from Plenum in terms of functionality! The riser is generally based on vertical space which is in between the one floor setting to the other one in the building. For instance, the elevator shafts and the conduits which fall from one floor to the other one are all because of Cat6 Riser Cable.

You can avail all these riser cables just in the riser places. This is because all such places are having constant airflow which is quite dangerous if you are stuck in some fire incidents. The presence of oxygen will act as the oil. Hence, the fire restrictions for the risers are not that high in comparison with the plenum.

In addition, Ethernet cables are having riser-rate jackets which you can use from one floor to another one in the non-plenum areas. In comparison with Plenum Cables, the demand for Riser cables is not that high. This is because you can also use Plenum cables in high rising places. But you should never make the mistake of using the riser cable for the plenum space. Thus, this might end up in upheaval. The use of Riser-rated jacket cables is quite common to be used for residential purposes.

PVC Cable
Last comes the use of Cat6 PVC cable! PVC is also known as polyvinyl chloride which you can use in electrical cable construction for insulation, or bedding, as well as sheathing. Cat6 PVC Cable is known to be cost-effective and has great aging properties. You can easily modify its properties for further recycling which makes it easy to use.

Being high in versatility, you will be finding these PVC jackets to be extremely popular in the electrical industry. They are generally working as the PVC insulated wires cables which are 100% fire-prone. You will often find it ideal in use for the fixed installation purposes. PVC rates jacket cable is ideal for outdoor places or to be used for places that are much exposed to light use. In short, these cables are quite common in use by the industries due to the high durability and extra toughness characteristics.

Well to sum up, for choosing the right cable type, you need to be careful about selecting the right one which can effectively reduce the loss and turns out to be a healthier one. Riser and Plenum cables are generally used for building construction. You should buy bulk Cat6 cable from the store or manufacturer that is reliable and offer the cable in the best quality.

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