Modernizing a Bathroom with a Large Round Bathtub

Modernizing a Bathroom with a Large Round Bathtub

The large round bathtub is great for a luxurious bath. If you decide on such a bath, it means you want to go for something better than other baths. Bathing is health that is associated with many benefits. From relieving stress to body aches and ease of breath, it has so many benefits. It becomes even more important in the times of the corona pandemic.

If you are looking for a bath replacement or even want an entirely new installation, then you will have to make a certain type and shape of a bathtub. From large to compact and small sizes, you have plenty of options in terms of sizes. In addition to that, you may opt for straight, round, p or l shaped baths.

What is a Large Round Bathtub
As discussed earlier, a bathtub can have straight or round shapes. The straight baths have slightly round shapes like P or L etc. There is a type of bathtub that we see in straight baths with round shapes called round bathtubs. The bathtub that is straight has a round shape interior in this article. To understand what size a large size is, we have discussed different sizes of baths in the UK here. The bath size in the UK is usually 1700 mm long, while a smaller one is 1400mm, and for the compact sizes, it's 1200mm. The large-size bathtubs usually start from anything 1800mm in length and above. The width will usually be 700mm for all baths or 800mm in the large size category.

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Single and Double Ended Large Round Bathtub
The large round bathtub that has a length of 1700mm and above in the straight bath category comes in two forms. A single-ended or a double-ended shape. The major difference is their style and shape. The single-ended has the slope on the one end, while the double-ended has this slope on both ends. The reason why this slop is created is that it cushions your arms and neck while laying down in the tub. So, you feel comfortable during the baths. The double side has this utility on either side. The taps are usually in the middle on the right side in comparison to single-ended it's on the straight end of the tub. So, what you should choose depends on what you are looking for. Since a large round bathtub is luxurious and spacious. Therefore, you should prefer the double-ended option for a better bath experience.

What are the Other Benefits of a Large Round Bathtub

  • There are many reasons to prefer a large round bathtub instead of others. A few of them are discussed here.
  • The large size option is spacious for a comfortable bath experience.
  • You should choose it if you are looking for a luxurious bath.
  • It is suitable for medium and large sizes, where you can fit a bathtub over 1700mm in length.
  • Its round shape looks elegant and attractive.
  • It looks aesthetically pleasing, so if you are planning for a contemporary, modern, or luxurious look in the bathroom then it is a perfect choice for you.

Buy a Large Round Bathtub from Royal Bathrooms UK
We have discussed a few important features of a Large Round Bathtub in the last section. It can be concluded that, a large round tub great choice for a bathroom that can accommodate a large size bath that may possibly be 1700mm or above in the length. You should prefer it for a family bathroom. The round shape makes it an attractive choice for a contemporary style bathroom. At Royal Bathrooms, we have large, and compact size bathtubs available at lower prices. You can visit our website to the one that fits best according to your bathroom size, budget, and style.

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